Fire & Ice
Speaking volumes without ever saying a word…

Putting her own unique twist on classic cocktail rings, Cherie’s Fire and Ice is a dynamic collection that allows a woman to make her own statement. Powerful yet gentle, traditional yet modern, the beauty of each piece lies in the contrasting elements that come together in harmony.

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• Cushion Amethyst Ring
• Cushion Citrine Ring
• Emerald-Cut Aquamarine Ring
• Oval Rose Quartz Ring
• Rectangular Cushion Smoky Quartz Ring
• Fancy-Cut Rectangular Cushion Pink Amethyst Ring
• Fancy-Cut Rectangular Cushion Blue Topaz Ring
• Fancy-Cut Rectangular Cushion Citrine Ring
• Rectangular Cushion Madeira Citrine Ring
• Emerald-Cut Blue Topaz Ring

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